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China. We expect important economic reports. Read more The Forecast 2018.08.29 Currency majors are consolidating.

Forex 210 0, forex Forecasts, Analysis Daily market News. The news feed is inversion de stratégie commerciale 1d rather calm, therefore we recommend monitoring the US-China trade relations. Today, the news feed is rather calm. The technical pattern on the currency majors is ambiguous. Investors expect a report on GDP of Japan, which will be published tomorrow. Except near the critical level in the market penetration which may lead to the cancellation of options. At the moment, the majors are consolidating. We expect statistics from the.

Read more The Forecast  2018.07.17 There is a variety of trends on currency majors. The eurusd pair shows sideways trading since morning, settling around.1570 level, and as long as the price is above.1525, our bullish overview will remain active for today, reminding you that. Read more The Forecast  2018.06.18 Currency majors are consolidating.