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some markets. Rob Curren, Watch Out for Sharks in Dark Pools, The Wall Street Journal, August 19, 2008,. 80 "Markets are by their very nature conversations, having grown out of coffee houses and taverns he said. Popular "algos" include Percentage of Volume, Pegged, vwap, twap, Implementation Shortfall, Target Close. "Report examines May's 'flash crash expresses concern over high-speed trading". Ainsi, cette tâche, avec un carnet d'ordre plutôt baissier, va accentuer le phénomène en vendant avant les vendeurs réels et en se rachetant plus bas qu'eux. However, an algorithmic trading system can be broken down into three parts 85 Exchange The server Application Traditional architecture of algorithmic trading systems Exchange(s) provide data to the system, which typically consists of the latest order book, traded volumes, and last traded price (LTP). 68 Basic models can rely on as little as a linear regression, while more complex game-theoretic and pattern recognition 69 or predictive models can also be used to initiate trading. Retrieved iedle, Ted (March 25, 2013).

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Retrieved "Agent-Human Interactions in the Continuous Double Auction" (PDF IBM.J.Watson Research Center, August 2001 Gjerstad, Steven; Dickhaut, John (January 1998 "Price Formation in Double Auctions, Games and Economic Behavior, 22(1 129",. Middlemen in Securities Markets working paper, 2010, ssrn James. Among the major.S. 59 There are four key categories of HFT strategies: market-making based on order flow, market-making based on tick data information, event arbitrage and statistical arbitrage. Unlike in the case of classic arbitrage, in case of pairs trading, the law of one price cannot guarantee convergence of prices.

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