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Equity leaps Calls as a Stock Alternative, Buying Index leaps Calls, Buying Index leaps Puts, Buying Index leaps Bull Call spreads. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Dive into 1,200 stocks, global macro futures, and international ETFs. Learn more about Screening example options opportunities highlighted by Volatility. What are people saying about Volatility? Iyad Abbas, volatility is more powerful than a Bloomberg Terminal for options analysis and is like 90 cheaper. You can also create your own and access them anytime. What strategies do you support? You can search specific strategies so even if you can trade a strategy (for example naked call in IRA account) you can easily find only trades that suits you.

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An option scanner (or option screener) is like a radar that scans the market and returns results that fits your criteria. View various strategies that can be used with different index options such crypto-monnaies en français as the Standard Poor's 100 (OEX) and 500 (SPX Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJX Nasdaq 100 (NDX and Russell 2000 (RUT). Backtest most options trades over fifteen years of data. Learn more about Charting volatility's Dashboard, Backtest, and Chart views. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Do you offer refunds?