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Platforms, dont have an account? To do further builds you can use node-gyp build, you can run embedded examples which are located in the examples folder cd examples node example, nPM, you can install alytics via npm: npm install alytics, usage. Import the the module var analytics require alytics or with ES6 modules syntax import analytics from 'alytics analytics object will give you several functions to use.

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function ticksTo1MOhlc(ticks) return nvertohlc( open: lue, high: lue, low: lue, close: lue, time:.time 60 one comment commencer a miner de la crypto monnaie minute interval getMarketStatus(candlesticks, options) Returns suggestion whether to buy or sell current for the last candlestick in the candlesticks array passed in as a first parameter. The strategy parameter describes which strategy it shall use as a referential. Open one now, control your trading experience, maximum performance. Example: var trades tTrades(candlesticks, strategy: strategy console. Please choose the type of question - you will see a page with a list of problematic situation and standard solutions. Log Fitness: ' fitness Generation: ' generation could print Fitness:. This parameter is not mandatory. MaximumLoss describes how far the price movement went against the wanted direction.

MaximumProfit describes how far the price movement went on the wanted direction. Fitness is a fitness value of a certain strategy calculated by fitness evaluation algorithm. Open:.113990, high:.113990, low:.113890, close:.113890, time: targetTimeframe parameter defines the target interval in seconds Example: * Converts candlesticks from lower timeframe to 30 minute timeframe function convertTo30MOhlc(candlesticks)  return nvertohlc(candlesticks, 1800 This function can be used for converting ticks to ohlc as well with a simple trick. We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions and answers on them. Convertohlc(candlesticks, targetTimeframe) Converts ohlc data set to a larger timeframe (e.g.