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relatively bullish Wednesday candle. Gbpusd is trying to reach stability on Tuesday morning, but the Pound is still under pressure. As we can see in the H4 chart, after completing the ascending impulse, xauusd started a new sideways movement. Usdchf is still moving upwards. Just two days later on the 30th, I did a 180-degree turn. Usdrub is still falling. However, the Euro is approaching an area. I even wrote that the pair could reach.1830 under the right circumstances. Tuesday, October 23, 2018, fibonacci Retracements Analysis (eurusd, usdjpy).

Continue Reading, next ». Eurusd is sliding down Overview for. Japanese Candlesticks Analysis (usdcad, audusd). Weve combined Forex technical analysis and fundamental analysis into one comprehensive weekly Forex forecast so that traders can get a thorough understanding of the market without taking too much time away from their trading.

Continue Reading, eurusd dropped below a significant horizontal level last Wednesday. Apart from one breakdown in August,.1530 has held as support since late May. Japanese Candlesticks Analysis (eurusd, usdjpy). Continue Reading, on Friday, I explained how the eurusd has been indecisive but technically sound. Usdhrv.4709.0100 -0.15.4801.5188.5581.5974 usdsrb 103.16.0300.03 103.17 103.77 104.39 105.00 usdbih.7029.0015 -0.09.7080.7197.7316.7436 usdisk 118.89.9400.80 113.23 114.07 114.92 115.76 usdall 108.30.4000 -0.37 109.51 110.21 110.93 111.66 usdmkd.40.0500.09.46. Continue Reading, the eurusd has broken free from a descending channel Ive had on my chart for several weeks including last Tuesdays commentary. Besides the table with all participants individual prediction, a graphic representation aggregates and visualizes the data: the. Audusd is trading.7117; the instrument is moving inside Ichimoku Cloud, thus indicating a sideways tendency. We work hard to make sure any information we present is accurate and reliable. Unique sentiment indicator with a 5-year history, for 10 currency pairs (eurusd, gbpusd, usdjpy, usdchf, audusd, nzdusd, usdcad, gbpjpy, eurjpy, eurgbp).